The majority spoke

Letter to the editor 11/22/12 edition

November 21, 2012 

The majority spoke

Dear Editor,

Now that the election is over Mr. Froelich and Mr. Atwood, do you think either or both of you might channel your political energies toward a more positive tone?

I had the opportunity to meet Michele Obama's, brother Craig Robinson this past summer. I requested that he let his brother-in-law, President Barack Obama, know that he had little to worry about, "We got his back" and we did while Mitt Romney and his billionaire buddies thought the presidency was for sale. We let them know, all that is really important is, "one man, one vote."

The Republican Party, Tea Party and opposing news affiliates spent too much time finger pointing, alienating voters and fighting.

I read most of each of your columns in the Sierra Star but mainly kept silent about them. I do realize that what the two of you write is opinion based.

Unfortunately most people who read your columns don't see past the smoke and mirrors and actually that President Obama was elected by the middle class and overwhelmingly by the electoral college. Why the shock and surprise?

You remember the "47 %" that did not matter? On election day, the majority spoke, you know, the guy who lost his house, job and car after the the boss sold his stock in the company to a hedge fund conglomerate owned and controlled by the Romneys, Rockafellers and the Koch brothers.

You see they don't give a darn about me, you, nor the man in the moon. They don't drive Americas economy -- They are what is wrong with it.

They rely on a poor, uneducated, unenlightened brainwashed populous in order to continue to drive truckloads of money out of the economy and into their off- shore accounts.

The gasoline prices have nothing at all to do with who is or is not president. The greedy blood sucking commodities brokers and unwitting stock speculators have driven housing, home heating and gasoline prices through the roof.

That is what you should worry about -- People agreeing that it's OK to price families out of the housing market, or gas company owners stealing record profits from Americans during the high of a recession.

Hell yes we want affordable health care -- Hell yes we want affordable housing -- Hell yes we want equal pay and employment.

If Romney did not understand the needs of the people in this country, than he should not have pretended that he was a politician with a genuine platform. He should have stuck to ruining corporations and killing jobs privately.

Now whatever ideas you might have to help move our country forward without bashing a two term duly elected president with the obvious intellect and abilities, complete with an outstanding résumé, I am all ears and welcome you suggestions.

Beau Campbell, Coarsegold

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