Raley's natural food section to be removed

Letter to the editor 11/22/12 edition

November 21, 2012 

Dear Editor,

It has come to our attention that Raley's is planning next year to eliminate their Natural Food Section. They plan to spread the organic and health foods though out the store. We were shocked that they would do this as many of us shop at Raley's (instead of Vons) primarily because of the convenience of Raley's three central isles of Natural foods.

The Raley's employees in Oakhurst have been told that the organic foods will be kept together in small sections, dairy together, bread and cereals together, etc. That has not been true in the Raley's/Bel Air stores in Sacramento we visited that have already made this change.

The organic butters seem to hide on the top shelf above other butters, the Soy and Almond "milk" is by itself, not even near the regular milk. So we will have to walk throughout the store to find each item. This is the plan from the Sacramento Corporate office for all 133 Raley's stores. This change would be a real inconvenience for our good number of older people and moms with young children. Will they make an exception for the Oakhurst store?

We have collected over 200 signatures from local residents on a petition asking Raley's to keep the Natural Food Section intact. By mid November we will present the petition and talk with Raley's customer service department in Sacramento.

You can express your opinion on this issue. Either call Raley's customer service 1-800-925-9989, or on the web at Raley's.com. Click on "contact us" at the bottom of the home page and send in your comment.

D. & V. Williams, Oakhurst

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