Re-election means road to serfdom.

Letter to the editor 11/15/12 edition

November 16, 2012 

Dear Editor,

With the re-election of Mr. Obama, it is clear to me that we are no longer The United States. Just look at the electoral map. There is nothing united about it. We have become a Union of States in a Socialist Republic.

Sure, things will look the same for a while. The streets, the larger businesses and the natural surroundings will all look the same, but over time opportunities will move even faster away from entrepreneurship toward union labor and social programs. The incentives for small businesses to expand will dwindle.

For myself and others my age, when the lease expires, retire. As for the younger generations -- redistribution, Obama Care, the unbelievable deficits, debt and unemployment will ruin your opportunities and lead you down the road to serfdom.

If this country cannot elect an honest, successful entrepreneur to fix its fiscal and other problems, then we are destined to go the way of every other socialist country.

Obviously there are enough people in this once great country who want just that.

Paul Johnson, Oakhurst

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