We, the people, won historic election

Letter to the editor 11/15/12 edition

November 16, 2012 

Dear Editor,

The 2012 presidential and congressional elections are finally over. The campaigns that started in 2008 when the first African-American became president of the United States, have been a resounding failure for the two main entities who tried to grab power from the citizens of this country: the Tea Party and the Corporate Super-Pacs.

'Fear and loathing' for the majority of the people in the Central Valley (the former minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans) will now doubt go on for awhile, as the haters continue to gasp their last breaths to retain their political beliefs that belong somewhere back in the last century.

The Tea Party will eventually realize that their last vestige of relevancy counted no more than the hundreds of millions of dollars poured into the lie machine of the campaign by the corporatists and the one-percenters, who have always felt that money could continue forever to buy them power.

So, what happened? What powers rose up in this election to take control? The people of this democratically-leaning country, who finally realized in this hard-fought campaign that one-person, one-vote, can actually have more meaning than all the money the plutocrats could throw at them.

People of color found themselves in the position of once again having to stand up for their civil and constitutional rights that we all felt should have been settled in the 1960s. People of Hispanic and Asian cultures and heritage began to truly understand that their citizenship comes with inalienable rights and stood up for them.

The dramatic will and power of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender communities are gaining more political power and last, but not least, as Gene Robinson stated so succinctly, "Republicans have now had to face an indisputable fact in this country: women hold up half the sky over the U.S. of A."

Women have demonstrated that they will have dominion over their bodies and decisions, and it will not be handed over to men with noxious, left-over ideas from a world-order that is dying, more rapidly after this momentous election.

We, the people, won this historic election.

Betty Persson, Oakhurst

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