YHS play 'HOLES' to show next week

Play based on award-winning children's book and Disney movie

Carmen GeorgeNovember 7, 2012 

Get ready for what many cast members are calling a "family-friendly drama-dy" next week -- a play packed with comic relief, mystery and a good sprinkling of "ahhh" moments.

The Yosemite High School Theater Arts Department is presenting "HOLES," the stage version of an award-winning novel and popular Disney movie, at 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 15 to Nov. 17 at the YHS Performing Arts Center.

"The well-loved story follows Stanley, a teenage boy who is supposedly affected by a family 'curse' and has been wrongly accused of stealing the shoes of the baseball player from a charity auction," said YHS Theater Arts teacher Lars Thorson. "As punishment for this crime, he is sent to Camp Green Lake, a juvenile facility where convicts are forced to dig holes to 'build their character.' The play traces the sources of the family curse, the adventures of a Western outlaw, and how friendship and perseverance help Stanley overcome adversity and find redemption."

The play is packed with fun and quirky characters, with names like "Armpit," "Sam the Onion Man," "Mr. Sir," "Zero" and "X-Ray."

The stage props will also be a lot of fun.

"We had to be very creative to work on a play that includes large holes, trucks, pigs, mountain, guns, and lizards all onstage," Thorson said. "It's been a great challenge."

The YHS crew are meeting the challenges, and have built a stage that extends out and includes "holes" that actors and actresses will be popping in and out of.

With HOLES' many locations, characters and events "intersecting in unexpected ways," the play has definitely been "tricky" to put together, Thorson said.

The cast of the play is excited about what all of that will do for audience entertainment and is eager to deliver a good show that also comes with a good message for children.

"You can't blame other people for what you do," said Dillon Masai, whose playing "Armpit" and "Sam the Onion Man," about what he takes away from the play.

The "mystery" element also adds intrigue, with everything "coming together like a puzzle" in the end, Masai said.

Thorson added that, "Some secrets are too big too hide."

"HOLES" is being led by YHS Junior Jacob Caldwell as Stanley Yelnats IV, who previously appeared Caldwell in "DRAMA INTERVENTION" last winter and many other productions.

The play also spotlights YHS seniors Emma Madsen and Colton Sterling and YHS juniors Lance Litten and Hannah McMechan.

HOLES earned the 1999 Newbury Award for Best Young Adult novel and was made into the popular Disney film in 2003.

Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students and children. For additional information, please call (559) 683-4667 ext. 256.

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