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Dr. Bill AtwoodNovember 1, 2012 

The California State Constitution places the situation right up front and to the point. The verbiage from that document states, "All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require."

That being said we have become a state wherein many propositions are on the ballot at almost every election. How I wish that our legislature would do their job and handle the business of the state and we wouldn't have to corral them into doing what they should do or stop them from doing what they shouldn't do.

I don't even want to begin the discussion of all the court challenges that come from the losers as soon as the people rise up and speak against what they think is fair. I remember the mantra that the majority rules. There just seem to be whiners with attorneys ready to pounce.

Getting back to my thoughts on just some of the propositions that are before us.

Propositions 30 and 38. My colleagues in education are going to be angry but I have decided to vote against both of them. First of all, the way schools are financed in this state would make your head spin with all the silliness and the regulations along with the ideas of "negative-funding" a mandate so that it sounds like a program is funded when it is cut and the different spending requirements waste millions in our state. My problem with these items is that the Governor is using Prop 30 to do a financial slight of hand which will enable the state to repay one account for money spent elsewhere. Pass or not, the schools are going to take a hit.

Prop 38 isn't much better and since I oppose most tax increases it would be hypocritical to ask to increase this tax when California doesn't have a revenue problem but a spending problem. If there had been any doubt in my mind the concept of High Speed Rail at this juncture shows they can't control themselves with our money. Sorry Jerry -- Stop hiding behind the phrase, "it's for the children."

Prop 31 wants to allow the rascals to have two-year budgets instead of the current system. On the surface it sounds good to have a two year cycle for spending but it takes much of the political pressure off those we send to do the work. If they can't pass the budget on time and balanced they should be locked up in a jail cell together until they hammer out the details.

They need to show leadership here. The Democrats have the control of the process and they can pass the budgets without the Republicans. How's it working for us?

Onto Proposition 34. I am voting no as I support the concept of the death penalty. I just wish they would carry out the sentences but the bleeding hearts would rather drag this issue through the courts with challenges and appeals that death row inmates live out long lives. Please tell me why we are better off with murderers, rapists and assassins still breathing air.

The US Constitution allows for the death penalty with due process.

The Three-strikes Proposition 36 wants to soften the harshness of the penalty if the third strike isn't a serious felony. Duh -- All felonies are serious otherwise the crime is a misdemeanor. Frankly, if you have two strikes and are dumb enough to commit another felony then I haven't any sympathy for you and most of us won't miss you at all.

Finally, on Tuesday, be sure to fulfill your obligation to vote and vote informed. Too many have sacrificed too much to ensure our right to cast those ballots. If you fail to vote then keep your mouth shut about the outcome. Whether issues win or are defeated and whether or not candidates are elected or are defeated on Wednesday, Nov. 7, we all wake up, celebrate our freedom to have voted, and hopefully we will remember that it was and will always be the American Veteran who made that act possible.


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