Why I will vote Democratic

Letter to the editor 11/1/12 edition

November 1, 2012 

Dear Editor,

Like most people when required to support their political opinions, I can't instantly come up with a devastating zinger or even a convincing argument before the questioner hangs up or walks away. But, after a little reflection, I find that I can muster a whole slew of reasons why I almost always vote for Democratic candidates. Here are just a few.

Democrats never try to tell me that just because I was lucky enough to be born in the USA, that I am somehow exceptional. They know that there are exceptional people everywhere, and that, unless I do something exceptional, I'm not.

Democrats don't malign public workers. They know that they are just like their own families or friends, and, as in any other endeavor, there are good workers and bad ones.

Democrats aren't interested in dominating the world. They know that we gain more respect for the principles we practice than all the carrier task forces we can marshal, and that American actions are not always right and moral even if the intentions are.

Democrats know that raising a family is not sufficient training for high office, and they know that sitting around the kitchen table to solve family budget problems tells you very little about avoiding a recession.

Democrats know the destructive affects of big money on political campaigns. While the Tea Party has still not figured out what happened to their favorite candidates and must now support one who, if elected, may or may not support their goals.

Most of all, Democrats are usually more concerned with the underdog and the people who desperately need help. And, by the way, isn't that what good Christians are supposed to be doing?

Ed Estes, Oakhurst

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