McClintock fights burdens

Letter to the editor 11/1/12 edition

November 1, 2012 

Dear Editor,

Columnist Peter Cavanaugh has grossly misrepresented Congressman McClintock on more than one occasion.

Cavanaugh's misrepresentations are piling up, and they reflect poorly on the left-wing candidates he is promoting. I've read the candidates' statements that Cavanaugh selectively quotes. Jack Uppal is claiming to be a moderate Democrat. On his website he states that his opponent Tom McClintock does not believe in bringing any federal dollars back to our district, even when those funds would create thousands of local jobs and greatly improve our economy.

The truth is Tom McClintock took a pledge not to ask for earmarks. He believes that every local project needs to compete with all the other projects and the government should award those grants based on merit, not special earmarks to buy votes. To me that shows a man with integrity. Something I see as terribly lacking in politics these days and something I want in my elected representatives.

Jack Uppal is running on the same unabashedly leftist platform of more government spending and regulation that has deepened and prolonged our economic suffering, while Tom McClintock has been fighting to reduce the burdens that Obama's government has been heaping on our families. Could that be why Uppal ran 28 points behind McClintock in the June election and why partisans like Cavanaugh are getting so desperate now?

I'm pretty sure the voters see through this ruse. I know I do.

Steve Hall, North Fork

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