Swayed polls

Rob Abbott / Guest CommentaryOctober 26, 2012 

Well it's that time of the election cycle where the highly educated try to intimidate or sway the less educated. In a past issue of the Star, columnist Peter Cavanaugh believes he can determine who is a "dummy," basically all the people that do not agree with him.

As I understand it, the Affordable Care Act of 2010 has some very convincing numbers which your polling numbers indicate. I personally believe you can poison or sway a poll by where and who you poll.

The affordable care act was the bill that we were told must be passed to see what is in the bill.

With Democrats being the majority in both houses, Republicans are shut out of the voting.

The three million jobs created by the economic recovery program that Mr. Cavanaugh mentioned, can not be proven as I understand it. But numbers thrown around are jobs that last one to three months. Wow, it is easy just throwing numbers out there that can't be proven.

On the subject of the saved auto industry, I think that's the deal where taxpayers' have been told there is going to be a net loss in excess of $30 million dollars that will never be paid back.

Taxpayer dollars did finance a plant in Denmark to build electric cars called Fischer at $100,000 per car.

Now on killing Bin Ladin. Calm down, breath ... OK, lets continue on the premise that there was a killing this administration does deserve credit for. But as I understand it the information came from extracting information from captives during the Bush-Cheney administration. Not by blowing up homes and cars from 10,000 feet not knowing what collateral damage there might be.

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