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Dr. Bill AtwoodOctober 26, 2012 

Given that the presidential election results for California's 53 Electoral votes are going to go to the president, we now must turn our attention to the election of those folks who will represent us in Sacramento and Washington D.C. My editor has requested that I break my long-standing rule of not endorsing candidates this year.

Many times we hear the phrase, "Tweedle-dum or Tweedle-dee" when people want to reference the lack of a difference between the candidates running for a given office. Sometimes that is bad and a few times it represents a safety factor for an electorate.

I want to address the election of our State Assembly member. We have the choice between Rico Oller and Frank Bigelow. It makes it nice for folks like me to see that we have two fairly conservative men running for this position and both are honorable and upright men. Oller, having been born in Fresno and attended California State University, Stanislaus, and Bigelow who has family connections that go back four generations as well as being a member of the Madera County Board of Supervisors.

Oller is a private businessman as is Bigelow, and while Bigelow is involved in ranching, Oller is familiar with agricultural issues.

Both men have the endorsements of several conservative organizations and both have helped many in the cause to fight the $150 fee for firefighting that we are all having to fork over to those rascals in Sacramento.

I have looked at the records of both candidates and have decided to endorse Bigelow because of a few issues. Bigelow knows our area better than most and certainly better than Oller.

Oller was working on his career in politics in other areas and, while deciding to return to the rural part of the state, he was absent for a short while. Secondly, Oller would be "termed-out" after this election and would be unable to run for re-election because of his previous elections in the state assembly.

Bigelow knows business inside and out but he also knows agriculture from the bottom of his work boots to the top of his cowboy hat. He knows how to deal with state as well as federal regulatory agencies due to his work in the family telephone company business and his experience as a supervisor for the county, and he is very aware of the issues facing the local schools as his wife has been a member of a local school board for years.

Bigelow is an approachable guy with a warm personality, he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, he knows us and we know him and his experience in business and agriculture along with knowledge of school issues makes him uniquely qualified to represent us in Sacramento.

In the race for our congressional seat we have two choices to review. Tom McClintock and Jack Uppal. Again, we are given the choice between two honorable men who have spotless records. Uppal is the embodiment of what is great about America. Foreign-born and not knowing English, he learned the language, attended school, earned his doctorate, made a great living in the field of technology, retired early and now has decided to bring his experience from the private side into the public arena. He states he is a moderate Democrat and wants to help end the gridlock he sees in Washington.

Tom McClintock has served in various state offices and has a long career in California and Sacramento. He has been an active member of the Republican Party for years and is a known entity. He is a well-known nay-sayer to raising taxes on the rest of us.

In this race I will be casting my vote for McClintock based on his acumen in the world of politics. Washington isn't a great place to begin to learn the political process and Dr. Uppal's résumé just doesn't have the experience that will be needed to represent our area back in the nation's capital. We are going to need somebody who knows how to lobby for legislation that will bring water to the Valley, tax relief to our wallets, and the spine to stand up for limited governmental intrusion into our lives. So I urge you to support Tom McClintock for Congress.

Isn't it comforting to have seen these four men run positive, clean campaigns that haven't insulted our intelligence? All four good, decent guys who stand with different resumes and beliefs who want to serve in the public sector. That is a winning opportunity.

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