October 18, 2012 

Dear Editor,

In response to recent letters and Supervisor Wheeler's guest commentary concerning YARTS in Madera County, there is no need for a taxpayer funded bus service. There are plenty of year-round private enterprise tour buses that provide this same service. Furthermore, these private tour buses are full of passengers. The same cannot be said for YARTS.

I was in Yosemite this past summer and saw several YARTS buses with next to nobody on them. These private tour buses also stop in Oakhurst because I have seen the tourists from these buses in the stores.

In November there will be three propositions on the California ballot to raise taxes. Residents of rural California now have to pay an additional fire prevention "fee" (i.e., tax). Gas prices have skyrocketed. Food prices continue to rise. Now, according to the letters from Dave Wolin and Tracy Ackroyd and the guest commentary from Supervisor Wheeler, we taxpayers are supposed to pay for tourist and park employee transportation along with bus transportation for Mountain Area residents to Fresno. Mr. Wolin refers to the bus system as "Fresno County supported." That means taxpayer funded. I am tired of every Tom, Dick, and Harriet believing they are entitled to what I earn to fund their dreams. No to YARTS!

Gail Workman, Bass Lake

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