Yosemite vs. Minarets: It is time

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Gregg DodderidgeOctober 18, 2012 

I want to see a Yosemite vs. Minarets football game. How about a Badger-Mustang basketball game, too? I know I am not alone. No matter the negativity and politics, it is time to begin a Badger/Mustang rivalry in football and basketball and all other sports for that matter.

For those that went to the Yosemite/Mariposa football pre-season game, that was special. Just ask the players. The energy was great on both sides. It rekindled an old rivalry. There will be that, and more, if the Badgers and Mustangs can begin their inevitable new rivalry. For YHS football fans, wouldn't it be great to play Mariposa and Minarets in a regular non-league schedule? For administrators, wouldn't that cut down on travel costs? For instance, Yosemite plays Tehachapi in basketball this season on Jan. 12, 2013. That is a more than eight hour bus ride round trip. Yosemite does play Mariposa in basketball on Nov. 30. That is great, but just a start.

Somewhere in the 2012-2013 basketball schedule there should have been a Yosemite vs. Minarets game. How great would it have been to schedule a basketball game between Yosemite and Minarets sometime during the holidays? How about a basketball game between Yosemite and Minarets with proceeds to help out former Badger basketball star and decorated, but severely injured Marine named Chance Gaal?

Fans, parents, and players: if this is something you want, tell your respective school athletic departments to let them know. If that doesn't work, go to a board meeting. Make some noise. Let's make this happen!

Speaking of Minarets, congratulations to the Mustangs who notched their first victory of 2012 with a 57-0 victory over the Riverdale Cowboys, coached by former YHS coach Dana Minard.

I am definitely bummed out that I could not see the 'Dogs on TV even though they lost to Boise State 20-10. I think it is a shame there is no more local TV to view Fresno State football. Here are the television listings in the Fresno Bee last week to watch the Bulldogs: (NBC Sports Network, Comcast 38/723 HD, Direct TV 603, Dish 159, AT&T U-Verse 640/1640). For those of us who have basic cable, this season has been a no-go.

What a difference a year makes! Look at Washington Union. The Panthers were last year's state champion in D-III. This year 0-7! This has to be one of the worst season turnarounds in Central Section history.

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