Veterans to be honored

-- Minarets High correspondentOctober 11, 2012 

Plans are underway for Minarets High School's Second Annual Veterans Day Dinner in the school gym on Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Last year's dinner was very successful in honoring veterans.

"Last year we brought the amazing stories of our veterans to life by having students interview veterans on camera," said history teacher Daniel Ching. "That was an incredible opportunity to bring a real life experience to students who have previously been learning these topics through text books. Last year was my proudest moment as a teacher to witness my students engaged in meaningful conversations with men and women who had served our country."

Two films were made from the interviews as well as a database off all the interviews. Two students won film awards for the movies that they created and these videos have been shown at teachers conferences, college campuses and even corporate offices.

A small group of veterans was invited back to Minarets last year to enjoy refreshments with students and watch the video premiere of their work.

This year, students will once again serve dinner to veterans at the celebration. Speakers will be present and war memorabilia will be welcomed for display.

"This year, interviews will be conducted throughout the day and the dinner will be a culmination of a day spent between students and veterans," Ching said.

Interviews will start at 11 a.m. and will proceed until 6 p.m., just before dinner. Ching encourages Veterans who are planning to attend the dinner to do their interviews early in the day to be able to spend quality time on camera and with our students.

"The dinner will be excellent and veterans will be served by eager students, which will make it even more special," ching said. Veterans are free with one guest but are asked to make reservations by Nov. 7. The school is raising funds for a veterans memorial on campus.

Details: Daniel Ching, (559) 760-5042,

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