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J. R. FroelichOctober 4, 2012 

Terrorists celebrated Sept. 11, 2012, by storming our embassy in Libya, murdering our ambassador and three others. Our campaigner-in-chief flew off to Las Vegas to raise money for his campaign. The Middle East is on fire with, "death to America," and "death to Israel."

President Personality is too busy with celebrities to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel. We've had two weeks of drivel oozing from the White House as to the cause of the attacks which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mr. Obama is either a liar, as has been previously noted, or he is totally ignorant of his responsibility. His speech at the United Nations was pure pacifism. He should be impeached for malfeasance in office.

Facts: Our money is virtually worthless and the national debt is three times greater than when Barack Obama took office, a situation he once called "reckless fiscal policies," and "a failure of leadership." Our debt is now projected to grow by a trillion dollars a year "under" Obama.

We have fewer citizens employed now than we had when he took office. We have idiots screaming that rich people take advantage of "loopholes" to avoid taxes while many of those idiots pay no taxes and don't have a clue who wrote those tax codes. Our national unemployment rate is only 8%? You're duped. Our government's policies and taxation sent our jobs overseas to begin with.

Major cities are bankrupt. They are strangled by powerful, Washington supported unions demanding the best in pay, benefits and pensions. Cities like Chicago cut back on police, teachers go on strike and crime is rampant. President Obama plans major cuts to our military. American and Mexican gangs are chump change compared to foreign and domestic extremists. Jihad is coming to America.

Obama and company stole $716 billion from Medicare, which is on life support, and created a trillion dollar debacle in it's place. Government ads for food stamps? Really? I want to be on the same "plan" the Obama family and the entire congress is on. Where is American equality? Do we really have a government of, by and for the people, or just the royalty in D.C.? The American Constitution guarantees equality, by God, under the law. What happened to 'our' constitutional rights?

Fact: President Obama is removing the constitutional requirement to work for welfare. The New York Times and CNN say this is false. Who's not to believe the NYT and CNN? Ann Coulter proved it is correct. Obama loves government dependent voters.

President Obama advises patience with radical Islam while his "spiritual leader" proclaims "God d@*! the United States." He is either a radical Muslim sympathizer or he's President Chicken. Using Mr. Obama's logic, I submit that when he "pulled the trigger" on Bin Laden, he didn't do that. Someone else pulled that trigger.

Fact: The National Democratic Party of 2012 removed all mention of God from its platform, as they have done with our government mandated education and many social/military monuments. After "mysterious" pressure, the "party" found God and returned Him to their platform. I trust my democratic neighbors witnessed the "vote" by their "democratic" delegates.

Half voted to return God while half voted against Him -- three times. And the chairman, reading from the pre-written teleprompter said, "the vote carries," God is back in the Democratic Party. Where is the local democratic outrage? Any question as to why the Democratic Party doesn't want voter identification laws?

A recent news report from Lake County, Florida, showed the Lake County "Head Democrat" put up the stars and stripes in front of the Democratic headquarters of Lake County, however, she hung another Stars and Stripes beneath it with the stars removed and Barack Obama's picture in their place. A group of veterans confronted her and she finally relented and take the disgusting flag down. Is this my neighbor's Democratic Party?

My Democratic Party neighbors don't realize that their party has been high-jacked by progressive socialists. Read up on "Give 'em hell Harry" S. Truman. While I disagree with Harry's politics, he was a man of moral, fiscal and patriotic character, honest as the day is long. Read up on Harry and compare him to our current president, the most irresponsible and anti-American individual ever to serve as president of our once great nation.

Obama, like his worshippers, doesn't even understand the meaning of the word "Jihad." I think he's still a member of the Choom Gang. Google it.

Get serious.

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