It was terrorism

Dr. Bill AtwoodSeptember 26, 2012 

They're dead. Four Americans killed in the line of duty. We now add four more names to the September 11 lists. It was certainly an attack on us all as those terrorists who broke into our compound were there to make an assault on our way of life and belief system.

They're dead. It appears that there was some torture involved and bodies dragged through the streets. Photographs of our slain ambassador sent around the world via email for all to see the limp, lifeless body of a man who had devoted many years in that region to helping that region.

Consulate personnel dead as a result of doing their duty for their country. Parents left to mourn their son's untimely and painful death. Spouses left to pick up the pieces of shattered dreams. Children who will never again see daddy except in a picture in a frame on a shelf.

They're dead. They are dead because there are people in the world who hate us. It wasn't a movie trailer that was posted months ago. It wasn't a tragic result of a demonstration that grew out of control. It was premeditated terrorism. Justice needs to be served to those who did this.

The belief around this world, as far as diplomacy is concerned, is that the soil in the compound of any embassy or consulate is the soil of that country in residence within that compound. Visit an embassy in the United States and you are considered on foreign soil. Each host country accepts the responsibility of protecting each embassy or consulate compound to the outer wall. The inside of the compound is the responsibility of each nation.

They're dead. Where was our government's beefed up security? It doesn't require much additional brain power to figure that on September 11 in the Middle East there might be a reason to increase security around our installations. We now have learned that there were some warnings up to three days ahead of the 11th about the possibility of a security problem at these locations. It appears Washington did nothing to help protect our people. As a result -- they're dead.

So we are left with the fact that on September 11 terrorists attacked soil of the United States of America and the world watches our reaction. Apparently they no longer fear attacking the United States.

Our president, our secretary of state, our UN ambassador, and our White House press secretary stated that the attack wasn't terrorism but a protest gone awry. The protest about a despicable movie that few in the world had ever even seen. The leaders of our government lambasted the content of this movie failing to accept the fact that in the United States, we have that wonderful First Amendment right of freedom of speech and while the movie might be offensive to Muslim and many others, it was protected speech.

Within a few hours, as information began to come into news stations as well as governmental offices, it became evident to most casual observers that this was an act of terrorism. The Obama Administration denied those ideas for almost a week until Jay Carney finally conceded that it was "self-evident" it was terrorism. A few hours later the president was still not on message and was still denying it as terrorism.

The president wasn't sure if Egypt is or isn't an ally. He can't make time to meet the prime minister of Israel but had time to meet Beyonce and other celebrities.

On the night of the terrorist attack, the President had time to jet to Las Vegas and collect fundraising checks. He finally has started to meet with his national security team on a daily basis but it seems like locking the door after the cow has left the barn.

I agree that we can't just launch missiles and we need to find out who did this. I just would have preferred hearing the leader of my country, the commander-in-chief, telling the world audience that the United States of America was going to hunt those terrorists down, no matter how long it takes, no matter the cost, and once found, the ones responsible for those four deaths would pay, and pay dearly. He could have stated he found bin Laden and he could have stated they would be "swimming with the fishes" like him.

No. We heard it wasn't terrorism and it was the fault of a bad movie.

They're dead.

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