Yosemite High tennis beats Sierra 5-4

-- Yosemite High correspondentSeptember 26, 2012 

The Yosemite High girls tennis team played their best match of the year Sept. 20 when it met the most, defeating Sierra 5-4.

Coach Stan Lawrence called the match one of the most rollercoaster matches he has witnessed in all his years of coaching.

"This amazing match was like winning a football game on a last-second Hail Mary pass, or scoring 10 runs to win in the bottom of the the ninth inning to win a baseball game," Lawrence said.

Natalya Choin, the team's No. 1 player and No. 2 Angie Du won their singles matches fairly quickly and went on to cruise to an easy win in doubles.

"The girls played their best tennis of the year," Lawrence said.

Robin Meister, No. 6 player on the team, won in a close match for win number four, but it takes five matches to win.

That match came down to a marathon featuring Ally Alm at No. 5 and a doubles match with Yosemite's Bridgette Ash and Katrina Borough teaming up.

Both matches finished within a couple of minutes of each other and each match featured many lead changes.

"Much of the time we were behind in both of the remaining matches looking at losing the match," Lawrence said.

Ash and Burrough eventually went down in doubles 7-9.

Alm's match went nearly three hours. She was down 3-5 in the final tiebreaker, then won five straight points before winning the breaker 10-6.

"Ally is just a sophomore and she thrived in a pressure packed match, with players, parents and coaches watching closely," Lawrence said. "What a confidence builder for her. She should now know that she has a fighting chance in any match she plays, even against a player with more firepower."

On Sept. 18, the team defeated Kerman 6-3.

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