Breath of fresh air

Letter to the editor 9/20/12 edition

September 20, 2012 

Dear Editor,

I couldn't't let another issue of the Sierra Star pass without taking a moment to thank columnist J.R. Froelich for the breath of fresh air perspective that he always gives us. He speaks the facts and words them for all to understand.

Now we know that there are many who don't see our perspective ... but if we never tell it ... we would be remiss.

So, from a big city gal who has owned property in Raymond for well over 20 years and only been blessed to live here the last eight, I want Mr. Froelich to know that many of us appreciate his words and his voice.

With regards to his comments about our president, I was a banking executive for 32 years and I can assure you that I would never have hired someone whose background was completely unknown. If for some reason I wanted to give someone a chance, I never did retain an employee if they couldn't produce so his analogy in his Sept. 13 column was perfect.

I am about to place a chair in my pasture ... thank Clint for a speech only he could have gotten away with ... and feel pride that there are people of reason who can see the truth and take the time to share it.

Sandra Dorr-Connolly, Raymond

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