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Dr. Bill AtwoodSeptember 20, 2012 

During the Democrat Party Convention, we heard from the impeached former President Bill Clinton as he attacked Republicans and Mitt Romney.

During his speech, Bill Clinton attacked the opposition to the Democrats telling one and all that it was in the "arithmetic," like he learned down in Arkansas. So let's look at Clinton's issues with arithmetic:

Does the number $5 trillion cause any concern for you? It is a huge number and it is the amount of money borrowed by the United States since Obama's election to run the government over and above every dime they take from us through all the taxes and fees they have enacted into law.

It comes to $49,000 every second of every day since President Obama took the oath. Granted we have been borrowing for years, but the man in the White House campaigned on the promise to reduce the deficit by half by the end of his first term.

Unemployment at 8.2% is a fascinating number. The government conveniently leaves off all the Americans who have simply tired of looking for jobs when there aren't any, so the latest decreases come form "dropping out of the labor force" rather than finding a job.

The stimulus and the "shovel-ready" jobs did not provide the drop to 5.6% unemployment as touted by the supporters of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects. President Obama has conceded that the jobs weren't as shovel ready as they stated. 25 million unemployed Americans.

4.5 million new jobs? They keep telling us about those jobs but forget to tell us that 5 million jobs were lost for a net loss of 500,000 jobs. Those numbers don't add up. Fewer people working than before his election.

Not one dime of new taxes. That was the pledge. To be sure the income tax hasn't increased, but remember that businesses don't pay taxes, they pass them on. So when the administration adds a tax or fee to the oil companies or any business, we pay. I bet it is more than a dime.

Osama bin Laden is dead. That is one for the president.

Gitmo was going to be closed one year after his inauguration. While I am happy it is still open, he misunderstood why his predecessor opened it in the first place. One for George W. Bush.

Millions more on food stamps. Millions.

The president has been very busy this year worrying about his No. 1 concern and priority: Jobs. Mainly his and Biden's it seems. We have learned that since January he hasn't held one cabinet meeting, hasn't met one time with his job's council, and often doesn't attend his daily national security briefings. He has attended more than 100 fundraisers and played many rounds of golf. Not one meeting. That is an interesting number. His job's Czar, General Electric CEO Jack Immell, shipped 10,000 General Electric jobs to China.

Jobs from the Keystone pipe line project -- Zero. He wants to wait until after the election to study the issue. He doesn't want to lose the environmentalist voters.

Health Care, Obamacare, Affordable Heath Care Act. Call it what you will, but adding 30 million uninsured folks into a system is going to cost each of us many dollars.

Don't forget, we get to pay $9 every month for Sandra Fluke's contraception needs.

Only one budget since becoming president. The president hasn't been able to even get members of his own party to support him on getting one budget passed since his first year.

Excuses -- really only one, but it seems to be the same one: George Bush.

$500 million lost on the Solyndra investment. $27 billion lost on the auto bailout. Millions of illegal aliens permitted to stay and claim "entitlements" as he has overridden the Congress with his executive order to bring about the Dream Act.

His actions were forbidden in the congressional action and he decided he is the one with the power so tough on the rule of law.

2,000 assault weapons sold to Mexican cartels under the current administration.

One border patrol agent dead and zero Justice Department folks held accountable.

Clinton is right in the fact that it comes down to the arithmetic. President Obama is the one who is in office and he is the one who should be held accountable.

Wasn't Clinton the one stating, "It's the economy stupid."

Mitt Romney looks like he may be the better one.

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