Sheriff checks on 70 sex offenders in Mountain Area

-- Madera County Sheriff's DepartmentSeptember 12, 2012 

Sheriff John Anderson today announced the successful completion of a two-week operation dubbed "Guardian Angel," that was carried out by both local sheriff's detectives and the US Marshall's Office.

"Guardian Angel" took place in both Madera and Fresno Counties.

In Madera alone, detectives with the Madera County Sheriff's Office worked alongside federal agents making nearly 300 compliance checks on registered sex offenders. Their task was to locate and check on 247 registrants -- 70 of those in Eastern Madera County.

The final report on that week-long operation is as follows:

31 parole searches

15 probation searches

17 found to be out of compliance

1 reported deceased

10 arrests made -- one of those in Oakhurst.

During a Press Conference today (Thursday) held at the Federal Courthouse building in Fresno County, Sheriff Anderson commented on the success of the operation, due in large measure to the relationship Madera County has long maintained with not only local policing agencies, but with state and federal agencies as well.

"There is a misconception about us -- that we don't get along," Anderson said.

To set the record straight he was quite emphatic when correcting the misnomer, saying, "That could not be further from the truth."

In sighting recent examples, Anderson credited the US Attorney's Office for successfully prosecuting a good number of drug traffickers operating throughout Madera County. He also praised the FBI for their work in the recent arson attack at the Bass Lake Courthouse.

Sheriff Anderson reiterated the importance of "working together" and taking a collective stance on all affairs that affect every jurisdiction, be it local, state or even federal.

"Due to severe budget constraints we all face right now, no one agency has the manpower to do it alone," Anderson said. "If outside agencies ask for our assistance, we provide it. In turn, when we request help from outside agencies, like for example the US Marshall's Office and FBI, they deliver. In Madera County, we work together."

Anderson hopes to continue to have Madera County and the US Marshals work together by conducting compliance checks every six months in the future.

Operation Guardian Angel began Aug. 20 and ended Aug. 31.

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