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Alan CheahSeptember 12, 2012 

GOP party leaders say we don't get our rights from the Constitution; we get them from God. Not being part of the GOP Christian or Tea Party inner circle, I don't know what that means. Perhaps those in the know would share their thoughts. Here is my guess. It never has been explained how God communicates those rights to us? It isn't obvious to me.

I can only surmise that what Ryan and Conservative leadership mean is that our rights are dictated by the Bible or perhaps the Constitution according to God.

Pragmatically speaking, who is best equipped to interpret and administer God's laws and these rights? That be religious leaders and their surrogates. Doesn't this mean an end to Democracy and a march towards Theocracy? Isn't this remarkably similar to what we despise most - the Muslim theocratic government of Iran where the Ayotollah is the leader and President Ahmadinejad is the surrogate.

In his address at the convention, the Texas U.S. Senate GOP candidate and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz said: "It's the story of my father, imprisoned and tortured in Cuba, beaten nearly to death. He fled to Texas in 1957, not speaking English, with a hundred dollars sewn into his underwear. He washed dishes, making 50 cents an hour, to pay his way through college and to start a small business in the oil and gas industry. My father is here today. When he came to America, él no tenía nada, pero tenía corazón.

He had nothing, but he had heart, a heart for freedom. Thank you, Dad." This left me and no doubt the entire audience with the impression that Cruz's father was imprisoned and tortured by Castro. It demonstrated Cruz's bona fides as an anti-communist, patriotic, and freedom loving rugged individualist. I'm sure he is but isn't there a personality flaw when one has to use deception to prove one's good character?

The fact is that Cruz's father was not tortured by the Castro regime but by the American supported Batiste regime. In fact, Cruz's father worked for Castro and Che Guevara.

If we parse Cruz's words, every statement standing alone was technically correct but when pieced together presents a falsehood. It would be unfair to single out Ted Cruz. This offense seems to be a theme throughout GOP attack ads and the convention thanks to "the architect," Karl Rove. "We built it" signs littered the GOP convention landscape.

This was the backlash to the technically correct Obama quote "You didn't build that." I've covered this in my Aug. 9, 2012 column "There you go again."

It bears debunking at least once more considering that this has become the GOP campaign platform. In full context, Obama lauded and recognized the value and accomplishments of small business owners but impressed on us the private and public partnership leading to such successes. The truth is literally at your fingertips at

Next stop for the misinformation band wagon is the claim that Obama stole $716 billion from Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act. Again the truth is at your fingertips -

Don't let the length of this link deter you. Patriots have died for our access to the truth. The least we can do to honor their sacrifice is to seek it out. In a nutshell, the $716B savings over ten years didn't come from cuts to Medicare benefits but from eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the system. The primary waste comes from Medicare Advantage which was designed by the Bush administration to reduce Medicare costs through competition by funneling Medicare money to private insurers. It didn't work. It increased costs but created greater profits for insurers.

Then there was Paul Ryan's claim that Obama failed to save his state's Janesville, WI auto plant as he promised in his 2008 campaign. One problem - the Janesville auto plant closed on Dec. 23, 2008 before Obama became president. How do you save something that was already dead? Maybe Paul Ryan really believes Obama is the Messiah. Once again, he speaks a falsehood where the truth is at your beckoned call -

There's more to this list of deceptions at that same link. If our rights come from God, is deception one of those divine rights enjoyed by the GOP? If the Obama record is so dismal, why do they need to resort to this?

Surely they can find some evidence which is "unequivocally" true.

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