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J.R. FroelichSeptember 12, 2012 

I thank David Lopez of Ahwahnee, (Sierra Star letters, Aug. 2), for suggesting a "healthy debate," for the "betterment and enrichment of our values."

Consider this business proposition: You and I are partners in a company. Less than four years ago we hired a dynamic young man who promised us he'd slash our deficit in half, bring the company together and provide benefits for everyone. He said if he didn't "get-er done" in four years he'd move on.

He's a very likeable fellow but we had problems verifying his past. No college transcripts, two years trying to verify his place of birth, and experienced mostly in neighborhood "do-gooderism." What were we thinking?

In the past three years he's spent company money lavishly, created high paying jobs for his friends and has tripled our debt. He's created vile divisiveness within the company, made a mess of our benefits program which even ended up in court and was judged to be something he said it wasn't.

He said he'd review budgets line by line but he's never implemented one. Our senior employees fear greatly for their future and some of his pet departments are going through company conference money like water. He had it all his way for the first two years he was here. Where's the budget? We're confused.

He's used company money to invest heavily in this "green energy" concept. We've lost our shirts with his investments. Most of those investments are bankrupt. Meanwhile, he sends company money to Brazil for their employees to pump "dirty" fossil fuel while strangling those efforts here, and Finland for development of electric cars.

He's borrowing 40 cents on every dollar he spends. He's even made it policy that everyone in the company will participate in his benefit program or pay a fine. He seems to be more focused on employees of a company just south of us and we have fewer employees than we had when we hired him. Apparently, he has no business being in business.

One of our security employees was killed. The man he appointed as head of security was involved but he's sealed all records saying he doesn't have to talk about it. This, in spite of the promise he made for transparency. Did I mention that he's really good at fundraising rallies to fill his pockets to keep his job?

All of this and he rarely speaks of the fact that our company was once the greatest company in the world. Wow.

There's a gentleman in the waiting room we've been interviewing. He has a long list of wise investments in companies that have put thousands to work and millions in investors pockets. He has taken some losses but his success far outweighs the loss. Of course, that's how it actually works when you're successful.

He does spend money lavishly but it's his own money, and he even took a failing Olympics event from deficit spending to profitability.

This guy really wants the job but there seems to be a lot of criticism about his personal success. He presents himself as one with experience. His academic, personal and management experience is exemplary and laid out for all to see. He doesn't drink alcohol, smoke, has never done drugs and believes in God. He's also submitted all the documentation required by our company.

I'm guessing people are jealous that he's done it without government money. Curious. He wants to bring with him a guy whose experience is also most admirable. He's a great numbers cruncher and has the character our company desperately needs.

So, what do you think, partner? Keep the guy we've got or bring in someone with the credentials to do the job? I believe the choice is clear. It is our decision.

Our company is The United States of America. We the People are the owners. Even our president states that this election presents a stark choice. Anyone who considers themselves "undecided" either lives under a rock or spends way too much time on face book. I question their qualifications to vote.

Maybe that's why millions are spent on TV ads. Let the truthful, honest, value enriching debates begin.

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