Rest easy my brother

A Senior View

Ed LyonsSeptember 6, 2012 

My brother Larry Curtiss lays in that moonscape known as the Santa Nella Military Cemetery.

The snapping sound of our national flag is heard above this Garden of Stone that is the final resting place for a thousand of his compatriots who will be together in their final tour of duty.

He leaves behind him a history of service to his country in active duty in the United States Navy during WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the entirety of the "cold war." He served as "chief of the boat" on a nuclear submarine and retired after 30 years of honorable and "above the line of duty" service.

You will remember him as being the manager of the Bonnie Bee Ranch in North Fork and his beloved wife Peggy Curtiss who was a North Fork librarian for many years.

He joined the Navy during WWII, married my sister, and for the next 65 years, he was my hero!

Rest easy my brother, "... You were a better man than I."

You may join in the celebration of his life at a memorial at 2 p.m. Sept. 8 at the Bonnie Bee Ranch in North Fork.

Grandpa Sez' ... "Have you noticed that one of the ways our country marks the passage of time is by tallying up how many veterans are still alive after one of our wars?"

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