Does it matter?

Letter to the Editor for August 30, 2012 edition

August 30, 2012 

Dear Editor,

Letters were exchanged recently in the Star regarding the use of the word "stupid" pertaining to an individual. Without a doubt the word was properly used, because we are all stupid, or ignorant if you prefer.

From CEOs of mega corporations, to congressmen, to our president and down the ladder to all of us. Everyday we all make important decisions based on greed, lust, emotions, fears, prejudices, dogmas, propaganda (of a grand sort), lies, deceptive advertising and yes, just plain old stupidity or lack of proper knowledge.

Misinformation, lies and deception are encouraged in America because it is considered "free speech" by our constitution.

When we hear or are told the truth, verified by rational investigative inquiry and verified by many verifiable sources, we tend to ignore or disbelieve it especially when the stakes are high.

Until we learn as a nation the value of truth and the consequences of the falsity and fallacy, we will continue down this path we are on toward more blunder, financial ruin and chaos.

Does it matter who we elect in November? Very little, I'm afraid.

David L. Drown, Oakhurst

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