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J.R. FroelichAugust 23, 2012 

Congratulations to all of our fine athletes who worked so tirelessly to bring home the gold, silver and bronze from London. The dedication, training and performance of these Americans is absolutely fantastic and is another wonderful example of the achievement and greatness of our nation and its can-do spirit.

Meanwhile, our federal government, including our president, thinks the European method of economics is the change America needs. I can't imagine why anyone would want to pattern themselves after economic disaster policies, but that's what those folks were taught at university. Let's apply the Obamanomics of The New World Order to the Olympics and see if we have anything to look forward to in four years in Rio de Janeiro.

First of all, that uppity 1% of athletes who got the gold have to be made to understand that they didn't win those medals. It was the trainers and coaches, the people who built the gymnasiums, swimming pools and running tracks, the equipment makers and the airlines who took them to London who made that possible. Applying Obamanomics of The New World Order, they must pay their fair share. We'll take 75% of their gold medals and redistribute them to countries like Tajikistan, Kuwait and Uganda, who didn't get any gold. Silver medals fit within our "wealthy" category so we'll take 75% of their winnings and redistribute it to Moldova, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

We're gonna' kinda' smooth out the rest by melting down all of the bronze medals and just pass it out to everyone else. No, wait, we can't let that uppity 1% group have any, they already have too much and we sure don't want to encourage them.

The New World Order is really excited about this change. They hope there will be even more participants in Rio. Everyone will work really hard and everyone will go home winners. Now that's competition.

Meanwhile, back to the future. Immediately following implementation of Obamanomics of The New World Order of the Olympics, websites crashed, telephone switchboards were jammed and cell phone towers melted. The major news networks yawned and told us how marvelous The New World Order was for those poor, downtrodden nations who never won anything.

The outrage of course, was from everyone successful enough to win the gold, the silver, or the bronze. They knew it was their life blood which had been poured into the efforts to win the title and reap the rewards. They vowed to never participate again.

This made the majority of The New World order ecstatic. With the greedy one-percenters out of the way they would flock to the land of Rio, where everyone would get a gold colored rock and be on the world nightly news. What a wonderful plan, Obamanomics.

So, here's the deal, my fellow Americans. Our founding fathers recognized that our Creator gave us the right to "the pursuit of happiness." The problem for those of The New World Order is that most of them don't recognize a creator. To implement Obamanomics is to eliminate "the pursuit" and give everyone happiness on the backs of those with the desire to pursue.

When that happens the desire dies. It's obvious that the eloquent reading of a teleprompter is not the same as understanding and properly using the actual meaning of words. Personally, I think it has something to do with what they learned at university. Moving forward from four years of "spread the wealth," Obamanomics promises a land where "prosperity is shared."

If you'd like a gold colored rock, if you'd like a New World Order where you're told what to buy and have some bureaucrat decide your medical condition, if you allow business investment roulette by the government and stand idle as the government takes what you've earned, then Obamanomics and The New World Order welcomes you.

That is, until the rise of the next great empire which by the way, doesn't recognize a New World Order or Obamanomics. If we survive the carnage then we can be official slaves. It's time to realize that progressive, socialistic changes to America's freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness destroys hope.

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