What is the left crying about?

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Dr. Bill AtwoodAugust 23, 2012 

I wish Mitt Romney would release his tax returns so that we can get the broken record sniping of his opponents to stop belly-aching.

He's rich. Super rich and he paid an average of 13% each year in taxes. If the liberals don't like that fact, they need to chastise the congresses that passed the tax codes over the past many years that created such deductions that a man who makes tons of money can legally use the tax codes to his advantage and pay 13%.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and their ilk had control of the House and the Senate the last two years of the Bush administration, and that same party had complete control of Washington the first two years of the current administration. In those four years, they did not change the tax laws enough to force a businessman like Romney to have to pay as much as they wanted him to pay.

I am sure that the Kennedys, Pelosis, Rockefellers and Kerrys, along with the other ultra-rich folks in Congress, made sure that their nest eggs were safe from the tax man. My accountant has a quote on his desk from Henry Ford that states it is every American's obligation to pay as little tax as possible.

What is the left crying about? Half of Americans no longer have to pay any income tax. They get to work, draw benefits, vote, drive on roads and highways, use the schools and the rest of the infrastructure we hear so much about but they don't have to pay. The rest of us have to send money to Washington. The president says we need to pay our fair share. What is fair about half of the folks not paying a dime? Then we hear complaints that those no-payers don't receive a tax cut benefit like the rich will get if the Bush era tax cuts aren't extended. How can somebody get a tax cut benefit if they don't pay any taxes at all?

Harry Reid cited an unnamed source that stated Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years. Journalists jumped on board this falsehood and championed the cause for the senator from Nevada. Any news reporter who wrote such a claim without a backup to the charge would normally have to do a great deal of explaining to his/her editor. Usually the media want facts for news stories. Reid clearly made this charge in an effort to force Mitt Romney into releasing the tax return.

Reid hasn't passed a budget in three years. Romney should ask to see the budget plan of the Senate in exchange for his tax returns. I'd like to see the Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Gore and Pelosi tax returns for the same period as well so that we could show the folks that those champions of social justice and compassion did not use deductions to lower their tax burden.

Romney is rich. So what? So was George Washington. Personally, I think a person who has shown an ability to legally earn millions of dollars in a capitalist system is a better risk for me to turn the economy around than a community organizer who thinks that we need to share the wealth and prosperity. Capitalism is not a dirty word. It is a system that allows folks to develop an idea, take the risks, work really hard, and reap the rewards or accept the failure.

France wants to tax the super successful business owners at a rate of 75%. Why would anyone want to work in a place where they take away three-fourths of what you earn? Would any of us work under those conditions?

So I continue to hope that Romney will release his tax forms so that we can turn our attention to the real issues of the campaign. The state of the economy, unemployment above 8%, Iran getting closer to having nukes, intelligence leaks from the White House, an attorney general who refuses to comply with a congressional oversight committee request, a justice department that isn't going after Goldman-Sachs for their involvement in the fiscal crisis, and a few dozen more areas of concern which I will address in future columns.

It's all so very taxing!

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