Career tips for high school, college grads

-- StatePoint MediaAugust 1, 2012 

If you're a new college or high school graduate, you may have been told by older relatives that the best way to launch your career is to get a decent job and stick with it. But many experts today warn that the expectation of relying on one company to employ you until you retire is no longer realistic.

"The traditional path that worked for your grandparents is not necessarily viable anymore," says Larry Winters, founder and president of Leadership Team Development, Inc., a company that provides business support materials for Amway business owners in North America.

As the author of the new book "Live the Dream -- No More Excuses," Winters believes that with the right attitude and a solid plan, you can take control of your future. As you make your way into the "real world," consider harnessing your time, energy and talent into an independent career.

Winters offers these tips for new graduates inspired to make this commitment:

Taking control of your financial future and career starts when you decide to dive into your opportunity head first. Be confident. You can't win with a mind cluttered with constant doubt.

Excuses are easy to make and will only serve to help you avoid doing what's right. Stop making them.

The only real security in today's economic climate of outsourcing and downsizing is the ability to perform. Gain a practical skill set and become invaluable.

Spend time every day reading something to develop your personal growth. Expand your mind with the most positive, optimistic, ethical, inspiring material possible.

Surround yourself with people who will help you keep a positive and motivated outlook. Don't allow friends with a "can't do" attitude to bring you down.

The world teaches short-term thinking, but success doesn't jump up and attack you. True success is a designed, programmed event. Be it the field of merchandise or medicine, create a plan and follow it.

Don't give up when you fall. Just get back up and move forward. Failures and setbacks are all part of the growing experience.


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