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Dr. Bill AtwoodJuly 5, 2012 

The Supreme Court handed down their decision last week and it seems nobody is really very happy with the opinions. The conservatives are upset that the court has ruled that the government has a right to require citizens to purchase a product whether or not they want to purchase that product. The White House folks are upset that Justice Roberts called the penalties a tax since it will be collected by the IRS and Justice Roberts was defending his actions by stating it wasn't the role of the Supreme Court to protect the citizens from bad legislation and inept actions of their elected leaders.

The ruling opens up numerous possibilities for the government to usurp more of our freedoms and many in this country are more than happy to trust that the government is here to help them.

The reality is that governmental programs expand and tend to grow way beyond the intent of the original concept when the idea became a law. Look at Social Security which was intended to supplement a retired person's pension and savings. This New Deal plan has grown into a support for children whose parents have been killed or died. Those children draw support to age 21. Illegal aliens are permitted to get governmental assistance through this program as well.

Look at the EPA. It was touted as a protection for our coastlands against the evil oil companies and a protection of endangered species. Nobody intended it to be a weapon against everyone who chooses to build or develop their own property but we all know many folks and many instances where the EPA regulations have driven folks into bankruptcy trying to fight those unreasonable regulations developed by unelected bureaucrats.

The current administration could now look at what they have done and see a path to another stimulus spending program. Since the government now owns General Motors the government could improve its profit margin by requiring all citizens to purchase an American made car every five years or pay a tax penalty. The newer cars are good for the environment so the EPA will be happy and the car dealers will be happy to employ more sales folks.

The Government may now turnaround the Solyndra problem by requiring all citizens to purchase American made solar equipment or face paying a tax. That half a billion dollar loan loss will turn into a good investment once we are mandated to buy the products.

Looking at the wisdom of the decision on the Affordable Health Care Act, which the White House now refers to as Obamacare, one must remember that just because the Supreme Court ruled in a certain manner it doesn't mean it is a great decision. My liberal friends did not agree with the decision that my friends claim "stole the election from Al Gore." If we look at the Dred Scott decision the Supreme Court ruled that a slave could not sue for his freedom just because he had lived with his owner in a state where slavery was illegal. That case was a rallying point to end the slavery issue through other means.

The Plessey vs. Ferguson decision which stated that "separate but equal is equal" stated that it was acceptable to have segregation and segregated areas in our nation. Roe vs. Wade stated it was okay to kill unborn children.

So let's remember that the Supreme Court has rendered faulty decisions that have offended both sides of the political spectrum.

The recent decision does do us one favor as a people. The Court has not protected us from this issue and so it is up to us to decide and this election will be a benchmark election. Romney states he will repeal Obamacare if elected and President Obama states he will make us go forward. "Forward" meaning to the elimination of private health care as we know it. In March of 2007 Barrack Obama told a gathering of union folks that his goal and plan was to eliminate private health care and replace it with a governmental program. He cautioned it might take 20 years but it would happen. 2027 is only 15 years away.

The economy is not doing well and Obamacare is "an albatross around the neck of the Democrat Party," according to former Governor Ed Rendale who also has served as the chairman of the DNC.

The choice is ours to make.

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