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Dr. Bill AtwoodJune 21, 2012 

This past week we witnessed the president of the United States directing a federal agency to stop enforcing the laws regarding immigration. I don't know how our country is going to come to a solution to this problem that has been around for years. When amnesty was granted during the Carter years it was hoped that those here illegally would apply for citizenship and the "one time only" amnesty would solve the dilemma.

I understand the notion that a child brought here by their parents has little to say about where they live. However, this isn't the way to go. When the president was in office the first two years of his term he had a House and Senate controlled by members of his own party. They did nothing to fix the problem. Only last September President Obama stated he could not fix it on his own and stated that he did not have the authority to do so.

Now that the campaigner in chief needs to pander to the Hispanic voting bloc, he issues a proclamation granting that anyone brought here illegally under the age of 16, if in school or graduated from high school or has earned a GED, has served in the military and has stayed out of trouble with the law, may stay here without a threat of deportation. They may apply for work permits and enter the job market.

I thought the former law professor would know something about how laws are created in this country. An idea becomes a bill, the bill is discussed in the House and Senate, there is a vote and if the bill passes both houses of the Congress it goes to the president for signature or veto. If vetoed, the Congress may, by a 2/3 vote in both House and Senate, override the veto.

If the law is seen as unconstitutional, a challenge may be brought before the Supreme Court. It is how the system was designed and it is that system of checks and balances that has helped to preserve our freedom.

I wonder how the Obama daughters are going to react when they learn this method at their very exclusive private school while sitting with their other "born with a silver spoon in their mouths" peers. The girls will be able to tell the teacher, "Not my daddy. He does what he wants and tough luck to everyone else." Their daddy doesn't follow the rules.

The president failed to try to work with the other side of the aisle folks on this issue either. Marco Rubio has been working on a similar proposal but the president wanted the campaign issue. Politically it was smart. Legally it was wrong and takes us down another Obama slippery slope.

The president just doesn't seem to have time to serve as president and do what a president does to get the job done within the system. During his time in office he has been too busy doing other things, such as attending more than 160 fundraisers, playing 100 rounds of golf and going on numerous vacations. When he was a senator he held the record for voting "present" and now I wonder if that would even apply.

I don't understand where the left is with their outrage. If George W. Bush had done what Barack Obama has done these past three years, the left would be screaming for his impeachment.

So while the president is so very busy usurping the political process with his dictating and whispering in the ears of our enemies, his intentions to be more flexible after the election, I would hope that he would take care of things back here for a change.

When he took over there were four million fewer people in the poverty level according to the Census Bureau.

When he walked into the White House we owed five trillion dollars less than we do now by US Treasury Department numbers.

When he got his job there were a million more folks with jobs than there are today.

When he came into office we did not have a law forcing us to buy a product and now he has created a change in health care delivery that few like or want.

He stated months ago that if he hadn't turned the economy around by now he deserved to be a one-term president.

He and I agree on something.

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