Amgen tour was amazing

Gregg DodderidgeMay 24, 2012 

Hopefully, many of you were able to watch the Amgen Tour of California sprint through Oakhurst May 16. For the brief moments my wife and I were able to witness the event, it was amazing. Honestly, bicycle racing is not the best spectator sport. Seeing the riders sprint by was all too brief. Yet it was fun to be in Oakhurst where there was a lot of fan support for the event.

Just the thought of riding a bike from Sonora through Highway 49 is crazy. Traveling on the stretch of 49 from Bear Valley to Coulterville is scary enough in a car.

I really admire those riders. The event entourage was also pretty cool. I think we counted 25 CHP cars and motorcycles, 20 plus team support vehicles and another 20 race support and media motorcycles. It is a great event, the premier bike race in the United States.

Kudos to Amgen for its continued corporate sponsorship of this great event. Amgen, based in Thousand Oaks, provides not only life saving therapies but philanthropically has done a lot for our state.

Congratulations to Minarets baseball. Overall, Minarets finished at 13-14 for the year. The Mustangs lost 9-4 last Thursday to Mendota in the D-VI playoffs. Coach Don Watkins' team batted a solid .333 for the year. Minarets had some great individual performances this year as seven players batted over .300.

The Mustangs were led by super sophs Conly Biglione, Sam Reyes, Jordan Christian (.395), Zeb Patterson (.348) and Cedar Robertson (.339). Biglione led the team in batting average, (.486, No. 13 in the Central Section), hits (36) and doubles (9). Biglione also had an amazing .730 slugging percentage. Reyes hit .405 and led the team with 26 RBIs. Christian led the team in runs scored (35). Pitcher Alex Fuentes led Minarets with a 3-1 record and a 3.42 ERA.

I am still bummed about the tragic fire that consumed the Pizza Factory and other businesses in Mariposa. From a sports standpoint, the Pizza Factory had some great sports memorabilia that showcased some of the great athletes in Mariposa history. There were great photos and articles on Logan Mankins. I am sure many of the photos and articles will be difficult, if not impossible to replace. Most importantly, no one was hurt and the Pizza Factory will rebuild. We wish them all the best.

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