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Greg DodderidgeFebruary 16, 2012 

It is time for a seating change at Yosemite home basketball games. As you may know, Yosemite opens only one side of the gym for fans. The player's side is for players and coaches. At last Friday's Washington Union game some heated exchanges broke out between Yosemite students and Union fans. The students were moved away immediately to avoid further disruption.

There were other "exchanges" between parents of players of both schools. Hey, let's face it, many fans get emotional at games. Sometimes people take offense if fans from visiting teams are too loud or outspoken. Washington Union parents I spoke to were "upset that they could not be in their own section." I don't blame them. It is not always comfortable sitting next to fans from a rival team. My wife and I found that out a couple of weeks ago at Sierra.

Yosemite is the only school I have seen that has this layout. It is a potential problem in the making. Yosemite has a great gym and lots of room. Visiting parents, friends and family like sitting near their team's bench. I know I do.

It is also important to make visiting parents and family feel comfortable. The current set up can be very crowded and moving up and down the stands can be awkward. I have seen a number of fans nearly stumble. Sometimes it is so crowded that people sit in an aisle making it even more difficult to go up and down.

Last Friday may have been the last home game for the boys depending on playoff seedings.

If not this year, it is time next year to roll out the bleachers on both sides of the gym like the school used to. It is more comfortable and safer for all fans.

Hail to the seniors. Congratulations to all the Yosemite Basketball senior class. Thank you so much for all of your contributions to the program. The varsity girls program loses only one player, guard Jade Bain.

The varsity boys lose eight. They will be hard to replace. The seniors are: Bronson Booth, Jannick Hartmann, James "Dylan" Jenkins, Robert Mascola, Justin McMillen, Jason Pol and Cory Skerce. Japheth "Jay" Cruz left the program prior to senior night.

Most every player expressed interest in furthering their education. We wish you all the best and thanks for such great memories on the court.

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