Recipe for a grandpa

A Senior View

Ed LyonsNovember 23, 2011 

Recently I stood in front of about 120 people at the veterans dinner held at Minarets High School. I told them about my military career that included active duty in WWll, Korea, Vietnam and throughout the entire "Cold War."

I told them that I could look back on a life filled with diversity and danger, with adventure and the fulfillment of the honor of serving my country.

What I didn't tell them was that my life after my military service has been even more fulfilling and adventurous. Being a grandpa -- a very complex tour of duty.

Please allow me to share this with you. Let me give you my "Recipe for a Grandpa."

Take 200 pounds of nice old man with a heart full of care, a lap that's warm and cozy whenever you are there.

A memory full of little things, the signs of what you share. His need for you and yours for him, the fact that you're a pair.

Put these all together, hold him in your arms. Add a couple of kisses and a dollop of your charms.

Then what you have before you, for now and evermore, is someone to call "Grandpa." No one needs it more.

Grandpa says, "No medal is ever as bright and shiny as a granddaughter's smile."

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