It was worth it

A Senior View

June 22, 2011 

I just got back from a couple weeks in Missouri. We flew this time instead of using the bus like last year or the train the year before.

The pertinent comparison here would seem to be passenger treatment, which is about the same. In general, your luggage is treated better. It enjoys more comfortable accommodations and a whole lot less manhandling.

"Terrorism" is the catchword for Homeland Security and it colors every phase of travel.

Then there are those extra fees. My single bag cost $100 round trip. Next I suppose they'll charge for restroom use with first-class fare if you want to close the door. Throughout the experience, there is a total disregard for the passengers' time or comfort.

Our government has recently enacted a law that prohibits the airlines from parking your plane, with you in it, on the tarmac for eight or 10 hours while they busy themselves selling more tickets for seats they don't have on flights they can't schedule.

So much for "Getting there is half the fun."

But it was worth it.

We missed the tornado in Joplin by two days and for the remainder of our visit, the weather was better there than here at home.

Teresa Fellhauer, who many of you will remember was an active member of our mountain community, was our hostess and she shows off Missouri like a professional tour guide who loves her work.

God bless us. We're happy travelers but we're glad to be home.

Grandpa says: "Bein' old folks ain't so bad when you consider the alternatives."

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