It's called American History

A Senior View

May 18, 2011 

What would happen if...

We recalled all of our armed forces?

We reestablished our tariff laws, so as to stabilize the cost of imports? Like oil?

We enforced our present immigration laws?

We established profit limits on all products deemed necessary for life?

Enacted a flat tax. No loopholes.

Made a list of all the nations of the world ... those who were for us and those who were against us ... then treated them accordingly.

Made American manufacturers pay a tariff on all their products that are, actually, foreign made. If their stuff is made by foreign labor ... treat it like an import. That ought to equalize the wage differences.

Stop putting ourselves down. We thought that dropping the A-bomb on Hiroshima was a smart move in 1945 ... I still do.

If we really want to be seen as the world's Super Power ... start acting like it. We've not been involved in a war since 1945 that we couldn't have won in a week. And we haven't won any of them.

Stop treating our armed forces like third-rate citizens. Unless we can justify their dependents needing food stamps to survive while they're serving their county.

What would happen?

Why, we might find ourselves in the same position we were in 65 years ago. The most self-sufficient, universally admired nation in the world.

If you're not old enough to remember that scenario, look it up -- it's called American history.

Grandpa says: "Who was it that said, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'"

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