Power, government and credit cards

A Senior View

May 5, 2011 

I can remember when the word "shortfall" was when grandpa fell down. Nowadays it means that our leaders have been spending money -- government money -- that they don't have. And now our government cannot pay its bills.

The sources of all this easy money are the banks and credit card companies that already have all the money they need and are willing to accept their repayment in power.

Power to dictate the financial affairs of all of us.

If you have credit cards of your own, you know what I mean. The people you owe can regulate your debt, at will. They can charge fees, late payment penalties, and exorbitant interest rates because the people we've hired to watch our backs are watching theirs.

I see us living in a plastic house and never really owning it. Just paying and paying and paying to a group that grows richer and richer and richer.

Now, this economic stew was a lot more palatable when patriotism was one of the ingredients but the slogan "America First" has been trampled in the greedy stampede.

Perhaps, in consideration of the future of our new generation we should start teaching our new students the Chinese National Anthem.

Grandpa says: "Think there's any truth to the rumor that we're moving our new seat of government to Wall Street?"

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