Who is the enemy?

A Senior View

April 21, 2011 

What usually follows this question is a renewed surveillance of our nation's borders and a closer examination of all those beyond them. Just who is attacking us? Our economy, our welfare, our very way of life?

Would it surprise you to learn that the perpetrators of this assault come from within our borders?

Common sense dictates that we should know who our enemies are in order to defend ourselves.

Join me for a moment, while I express this "Senior's View."

The most significant example of the assault on our economy is the blatant manipulation of oil prices and the stranglehold the cost of gasoline has on our country's welfare.

While the organization of the petroleum exporting countries and the Middle Eastern oil countries share the blame in our headlines, a quick check of the financial pages will show that Exxon has declared the largest profits in history.

Wherein lies the profits, therein lies control.

The largest corporate expenditure for the pharmaceutical industry is, probably, their political contributions that guarantee profits in the thousand percentile.

Medicare is like a large, beached whale ... being fed upon by a herd of profiteers who allow the consideration of the medical needy to come after the profits taken by the suppliers.

Wall Street seems above the law. They're free to siphon the life's blood from every level of our society.

A close look at the people who administer these travesties will show that most of them are graduates of our finest colleges and universities. Where, evidently, ethics are no longer part of their curriculum.

God help our poor country. Soon, the price of gas won't matter, 'cause we're not going anywhere.

Grandpa sez': I kinda' hope that none of our grandchildren read this ... 'cause they'll realize that a lot of us knew what was goin' on but didn't do anything about it.

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