Owners of abandoned pets must be held accountable

Letter to the Editor for January 14, 2010 edition

January 14, 2010 

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the Jan. 7 edition of the Sierra Star and the page one story, "Abandoned animals need good homes."

My confusion is this: We have littering laws. We have anti-cruelty laws. The real estate agents obviously know who the renter and/or owner of the properties are where animals have been abandoned.

Why aren't the pet owners who abandon these animals being held accountable? Why isn't law enforcement pursuing them and making them responsible for their pets? Why is it always the taxpayer or kind-hearted animal lovers who pay the price? And aren't we ashamed of ourselves for such irresponsibility?

Unwanted pets continue to be brought to Von's and Raleys to be "given away" to good homes. Last year a woman in front of Von's was trying to make shoppers feel guilty by stating that "if you don't take them today, they are going to the pound." She also made it clear that this is something she does yearly.

I truly cannot imagine a worse act of cruelty than abandoning a pet to their fate whether locked in an empty house or left on the doorstep as their "family" drives away. Can you?

Lynda Daley, Oakhurst

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