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    No substitute for experience

    Dear Editor, Madera County needs, and deserves, an experienced district attorney as our chief law enforcement officer. That is why I have endorsed Michael Keitz and urge voters to join me in reelecting him as our district attorney.


    Playing with heart

    Dear Editor, Friday night is a night for football. Yosemite High School will be celebrating Homecoming this Friday. The boys play with all heart. Last week, with a team larger in every way, they played with all their heart. Everyone needs to come to the game and support these boys and their coaches...


    Support for Kahn

    Dear Editor, This letter is a brief note to our friends regarding why we are supporting Bobby Kahn for the Area One Trustee Seat, State Center Community College District (SCCCD). Area I of SCCCD consists of most of Madera County (excluding Chowchilla High School District) and parts of eastern Fresno...


    Mountain Bucks

    Dear Editor, Local merchants who are not accepting "Mountain Bucks," may be losing business to competitors who are. Mountain bucks can be purchased at the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce.


    Courtesy in the national forest

    Dear Editor, We did a lot of horseback riding in the Sierra National Forest this summer and met motor vehicles, quads and motorcycles. I wanted to send a huge thank you to all those folks we met for being aware of us and acting in such a courteous manner. Some even turned off their vehicles to allow...


    Vote in November

    Dear Editor, To all you voters out there, the winds of change are blowing toward the district attorney's office. This year I joined the DA race because I was alarmed by the degradation of that office in the few short years since the incumbent was appointed and then ran unopposed. Now, David Linn...


    Misleading statements

    Dear Editor, It is time to watch the ads, signs, and the debates. I want to talk about the Madera County district attorney office candidates, current incumbent DA Michael Keitz and David Linn.


    Why Prop. 48 deserves a 'yes' vote

    Guest Commentary


    Vote for Dave Linn

    Dear Editor, The Madera County District Attorney's Department is one of the most problem-ridden departments in our county. Our current DA, Michael Keitz, has cost the taxpayers more than $1.5 million.


    The Courtney Fire

    Dear Editor, My son recently sent me an article from the Associated Press that was published in the Los Angeles Times that stated "A man confessed to accidentally starting a destructive wildfire in Central California last month by burning a dead, rotting deer." A similar story appeared in the Sierra...

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