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    Letters to the editor - week of July 23

    I don’t want lip service - A mere pittance - We need Trump - EMADCO and TOTES - Sewer advisory group - Drip Irrigation


    Bill knows better

    Bill Atwood knows better, but being a loyal conservative, he just has to spout the party line. In his July 9 column, he declared the US to be a socialized welfare state and bemoaned the “transfer of wealth forced by law” that supposedly has made it so.


    Letters to the editor - week of July 9

    Efficient evacuation - I was a volunteer working at Calvin Crest during the June 18 Sky Fire evacuation.


    Dump Trump

    Donald Trump is a bloated, boastful, blowhard bully. But that’s not why I hope he disappears as quickly as tycoons at tax time.


    Justifiable concern

    Years ago after church one Sunday morning, there was this man talking with my priest, Reverend Doctor Alexander Campbell, about his deep concerns for where American society was heading. This man was concerned about the future of my generation and our kids as well. When you are 17 or 18 years of ...


    Oakhurst deserves a new college campus

    The following states my support of the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) constructing a new college campus in the Oakhurst area. I am responding to the poorly thought out opinion piece “Blueprint for Our Community Colleges,” authored by Miguel Arias and John Leal, two...


    Almond trees vs. forest trees: the fight of the century

    The seemingly rampant vilification of almonds and almond production methods is more than just a bit puzzling to me. It appears that most who have expressed such angst are conveniently ignoring all of the positive aspects of almonds while greatly exaggerating the negative.


    Trustees fail to understand ‘community’

    A June 12 opinion column in the Fresno Bee written by State Center Community College District (SCCCD) trustees Miguel A. Arias and John Z. Leal entitled “A blueprint for our community colleges,” while well-intended, lacks in historical perspective and important facts.


    Letters to the editor - week of July 2

    Lack of mental illness assistance - Shocked horror


    Pain at the pumps

    Sacramento is about to launch a new attack in its ongoing war on drivers.

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