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    Minimum Wage Hikes Hurt the Economy and the Poor

    California has raised its minimum wage four times over the past 13 years, with each increase outpacing the federal minimum wage. California’s current minimum wage is 138% of the federal level, and with the impending statewide increase mandated by current law in 2016, California will have ...


    The Fire Fee Shell Game: you lose

    Democrats in the California Legislature seem to be facing the reality that the fire tax they passed with the governor’s help in 2011 is unfair. Californians who live in rural areas rely on a range of public services from multiple levels of government to combat fires. These residents already...


    Fourth round of fire fee

    Fire Prevention Fee bills for fiscal year 2014-15 were mailed out recently to more than 800,000 rural Californians, many of whom received that bill for the fourth time. About 17,000 of the bills were sent to Eastern Madera County.


    Letters to the editor - week of 4/15/15

    Drought crisis and forest management - Harry Baker was kind and generous - Oakhurst is a caring community - Austin Quarry is wrong for Madera County


    Just say ‘no’ to YARTS

    With the Fresno Council of Government (FCOG) and Supervisor Wheelers approval of running YARTS buses up Highway 41 to Yosemite, the proverbial camel’s nose is now completely under the tent. Mark my words, within 10-15 years if not sooner, all private vehicle parking in Yosemite Valley will...


    Assembly bill would benefit parents saving early and often for college

    It’s safe to say that the college experience is different for our kids than it was for many of us. We paid thousands of dollars less per unit, bought cheap text books and left college with no debt and a head start on building our lives.


    Carrot or stick

    We are on the verge of a historic nuclear arms agreement with Iran. It is a testament to President Obama’s foreign policy bona fides. If realized, this diplomatic coupe will rival Nixon’s establishment of relations with China 43 years ago.


    Tax reform this isn’t

    There is a clamor in Sacramento for “tax reform.” But for every political pundit, politician and bureaucrat in the room, there is a different definition of “tax reform.”


    Letters to the editor - week of 4/9/15

    Alcohol-free prom, Fight the fight, McClintock and our water problems, Big thank you to mountain community, Shared views


    Should green car drivers feel guilty?

    If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you probably feel pretty good about yourself. After all, you’ve made a socially responsible decision to help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality.

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