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    Don’t blame Prop 13 for housing crisis

    Notwithstanding California’s leftward drift, Prop 13 remains remarkably popular. Indeed, polling suggests that if Prop 13 were on the ballot today, it would pass by about the same two-thirds margin that it did in 1978. But the enduring embrace of this landmark measure by California homeowners...


    More than just names

    I almost fell out of my chair when a press release from the Park Service about name changes in Yosemite popped up on my computer. Not being April 1, I knew it wasn’t a joke.


    Letters to the Editor - week of Jan. 28

    Bear hugs for the Dittons - Wonderful reminder - No to socialism


    What it will take to address income inequality

    When the history of this year’s presidential campaign is written, one of its more remarkable features will be that candidates of both parties feel it necessary to talk about income inequality. Surely that makes this a watershed moment.


    Be careful what you sign

    Armed with a clipboard and a smile, they stand on the sidewalk in front of popular stores and public buildings. “Want to support schools?” or “Do you want to end poverty?” they call out to passersby. Those who respond positively are asked to sign a petition to place a...


    40 years ago: a three bedroom, two bath home for $36,500

    NOTE: Compiled by Debby Carter from the archives of Fresno Flats Research Library and the Sierra Star.


    Government needs to work better

    Whoever wins next November’s presidential election, it’s a sure bet that at some point he or she will vow to set the federal government on the straight and narrow. It’s a bracing sentiment. But you’ll want to take it with a grain of salt.


    Not even close, Bill

    Bill Atwood’s latest anti-Obama column (Sierra Star, Jan. 7) illustrates perfectly just how disconnected from reality Bill has become.


    Helping an aging parent with finances

    Dear Savvy Senior


    Is buying less stuff unpatriotic?

    As the U.S. recovers from the recession, we read encouraging reports about less unemployment and see statistics showing "growth" in the economy. The figures are up for new house sales, more orders for things like tractors, refrigerators and other large ticket items, and there’s an uptick ...

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