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    “Shamrock & Roll”

    It was a far more joyous time - before accountants were in charge.


    Clintons and ethics

    When is enough enough? For years the Clintons have proven that they not only feel entitled to their power, and have proven time and again that they see themselves as better than the rest of us and above the law. My question for the Clinton loyalists is when are they going to say, “That’...


    Eyes on the prize

    So far no one has taken up the challenge, posed in my last column, to discuss real issues and meaningful solutions like mature adults. Instead they doubled down on their strengths – salacious innuendos, scandals from 20 years ago, ad-hominem attacks, and red-baiting. That’s what I ...

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    Letter to the Editor - March 5, 2015 edition

    Dear Editor, I attended Tom Wheeler’s Town Hall meeting in YLP last Thursday, Feb. 26.


    Government has more than enough of your dollars

    After years of debt, deficits and budget cuts, it may come as a surprise to learn that our state government is flush with cash. But you wouldn’t know it by the talk of tax increases coming out of Sacramento.


    Administrative hoopla

    This past week the Secretary of State assured us all that Americans are safer than ever, and that the world is safer. He talked about the seemingly scary things going on and the threats and attacks, but stated that we were indeed much safer than in years.


    Training for old age

    If you have read any of my Sierra Star columns, you know that I am passionate about empowering you to enjoy a healthy long life. To that end, I will share with you one of my many quirks. I enjoy reading dense, peer-reviewed research articles. For fun, while I’m watching television, I will...


    Lipstick on a pig

    If you can’t say what you are for, say what you are against. If you have no accomplishments of your own discredit your opponent’s accomplishments. When your party’s Congress is truly the worst Congress (21% approval), falsely claim the other party’s president is the worst...


    It’s a Small Small World

    Have you ever encountered another human‐being that in some way awakened you?


    Our community will benefit

    Three weeks ago my wife and I brought Noelana into our home. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we have seen a great deal of growth in her during this short time. Noelana is a Siamese kitten who had become lost or abandoned in the Parlier area and the fine people at The Cat House on the...

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