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    Fire can destroy homes ... but not the human spirit

    Sunday, Sept. 14, was a quiet afternoon in the Mountain Area. Most of our beloved tourists had rolled up their tents and hitched-up their boats a couple weeks earlier and returned to their homes in Northern and Southern California and beyond.


    Vote for Linn

    District Attorney Michael Keitz petitioned the court and got the Rowley Report (an investigation of his District Attorney's office) kept from the public. The report can be released with Mr. Keitz's permission, but so far, Mr. Keitz has declined. What does the report say that Mr. Keitz does not want...


    Reelect DA Keitz

    There are several important issues and offices on the ballot in Madera County this November. But we would like to bring to your attention the office of District Attorney. We would not be supporting or endorsing Michael Keitz for your District Attorney if we did not believe he is of the highest moral...


    Deepest gratitude

    On Saturday, Sept. 13, our daughter, Cara, was in a very serious car crash on Road 274. We did not learn of the accident until after she had been rescued from her vehicle by the Jaws of Life, and helicoptered to the emergency room of Fresno Community Regional Medical Center.


    Review of DA data

    During Madera County District Attorney Michael Keitz's re-election campaign, we have heard him talk about his conviction rate being 17% higher than "prior to his tenure" as well as touting the number of completed jury trials for the last couple of years. In doing so, DA Keitz is trying to make the...


    The filth in this town is sad

    I would like to say that the media coverage was done very well in regards to the Oakhurst Junction Fire and kept everyone up-to-date. Now since there was such a great media and social network keeping residents informed of the fire as it was happening, my question is, why is it that no one seems ...


    Thanks to Star

    The Oakhurst Elks Lodge would like to thank the Sierra Star for their support in publishing the activities of our community. We appreciate your cooperation in getting the word out to everyone. If it wasn't for the Star, no one would know what's going on around town. You make sure school activities...


    Best choice

    A gun substituted for the letter "J" in his name? Texas experience? What? Is he trying to give the impression that he is tough? How about Smart? Oops.


    Privatization of services

    As many of you know one of my concerns is the inefficacy in the way our public services are delivered to taxpayers. Let's call them customers. There should be a California law that allows private companies to compete for delivery of public services to its customers. Whether it's maintenance services...


    I choose McClintock

    In the Sept. 4 Sierra Star "Choose or Lose" column, Peter Cavanagh criticized Congressman Tom McClintock for opposing amnesty and for supporting budgets that save Social Security and Medicare from insolvency.

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