Dips for your holiday snacking

I notice food at parties. I don’t go to many parties, but when I do, I eagerly pay attention to the snack table, and I observe the things people like the most. Dips go fast, especially guacamole. Hosts and hostesses just can’t keep the dips replenished fast enough. I sometimes observe a few things that make me snicker a bit, like when someone double dips. (Did you ever see the episode of Seinfeld when George does this and is called on it? Too funny.)

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Movie trailer: 'Rules Don't Apply'

"Rules Don't Apply," written and directed by Warren Beatty, follows an aspiring young actress (Lily Collins) and her ambitious young driver (Alden Ehrenreich) working with the billionaire Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty) in 1958. The movie opens in theaters Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016.
20th Century Fox
Movie trailer: 'Rules Don't Apply' 2:32

Movie trailer: 'Rules Don't Apply'

Movie trailer : 'Loving' 2:33

Movie trailer : 'Loving'

Movie trailer: 'Allied' 2:33

Movie trailer: 'Allied'

Movie trailer: 'Moana' 2:33

Movie trailer: 'Moana'